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Our People

At Easterseals Bay Area, we are working to take on disability together. Easterseals Bay Area has continued to evolve to meet new challenges and serve our communities. Learn how our environment of compassion inspires people to be their best.

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Clinical Manager

Easterseals Bay Area improves lives.


I was attracted to Easterseals Bay Area because of its long-standing history and reputation of meeting emerging needs and ability to continuously enable better services and support for our communities. The most satisfying aspect of my role is the opportunity to take on disability together, working closely with caregivers who provide education and support in targeting skills and behavior management for our clients. I am proud to be part of a community of dedicated people who make an impact in others’ lives.



IT Support Manager

Easterseals Bay Area leads the way.


We are staying ahead of the tech curve by trailblazing better ways to deliver services and harness the power of hardware and software tools that enable us to provide the best care to our clients. The opportunities for growth within the technology departments are limitless. Easterseals Bay Area has allowed me to expand my skills by providing me with the ability to partake in technical initiatives that affect the organization as a whole. I am constantly learning and helping shape our future, which is pretty exciting.



Behavioral Interventionist

Easterseals Bay Area encourages learning.


What really sets this organization apart is the people. My supervisors want me to grow and learn, and they encouraged me to further my knowledge of behavioral analysis. Easterseals Bay Area is the reason I’ve enrolled in classes to become a Behavioral Consultant. My program supervisors and clinical managers are very supportive and are committed to providing the resources, training and support I need to be successful, as well as the tools and information to grow in this field as the organization grows.



Program Supervisor

Easterseals Bay Area offers many paths.


The most satisfying aspect of my work is seeing new skills emerge from within our clients and seeing their progress and growth over time. It is also very rewarding to see my group of behavioral interventionists grow as practitioners as they progress in their roles. Easterseals Bay Area provides many opportunities for employees to pursue, investing in people and performance and celebrating the service that we provide. There are many paths to take and the clinical path is just one of many exciting options we offer.

Your work can truly make a difference.

Grow your own career with limitless potential in the direction you choose. Explore our Clinical, IT and Corporate areas of opportunity.